The Tunnel

The centerpiece of India Surf Festival 2013, an art installation made of bamboo.


Site-specific installation, Bamboo, Cloth. 20x25x15 feet. 2013

The Tunnel is a calculated combination of about 100 bamboo “squares” resulting in a spiralling wave structure facing the Bay of Bengal in Odisha - a symbolic expression of thousands of people converging on an unruffled seashore, an idyllic piece to coronate the 2nd Edition of India Surf Festival,.

Using bamboo in a non-traditional way, the local community was involved to create this piece that was well-received by the international audience that had gathered for the event.


Unforeseen at the time of creation, a cathartic revelation by the forces of nature was due. The Phailin of 2013 caused havoc on the coast of Odisha. Most trees around the installation were found uprooted, but The Tunnel withstood the cyclone. The bamboo and cloth held on to each other to overcome the forces of nature

The project was first visualized using computer-generated models. The build and lighting were studied.

A group of villagers was trained to work on the final piece. Carefully handpicked bamboo was used to execute the vision of The Tunnel.


Photo Credits:

Distilled Stills

Anushree Bhatter