Paradise Unexplored

Global TVC for Odisha Tourism 2018

Promotional Film

Direction, Cinematography, Edit

After the success of the promotional film we made for Odisha Tourism in 2017, they asked us to make one for the year of 2018.

Now, the bar was set higher. The expectations were bigger. Also, this time the film would be aired globally on major television networks.

We wanted to do something that we hadn't done before. It was risky, but we did not want to take the safe path.

So we toured the state of Odisha again, this time with a longboarder.

Mountains, waterfalls, forests, highways, valleys, rivers, lagoons - we risked it all for this project.

And the result was worth it!

The film was broadcasted all over the world - Europe, Asia-Pacific, The Americas, Africa and Australia - on television networks such as CNN, Discovery, National Geographic, Euro News, MTV, Vh1, Sony, Star network etc.