Gold Rush

Art Installation

Site-Specific installation, Wooden pillars, Industrial Paint. 20x20x10 feet. 2015.

Gold Rush was created with repurposed materials from Bollywood movie sets.

Gold Rush is an installation created using four interdependent wooden pillars that are conscientiously balanced to form a monument to collaboration. 


Humans and animals alike were seen interacting with the installation; and at the end of the festival, the piece was sold to a nearby eco-resort.


"Los artistas son pobres porque lo aceptamos. Los artistas están desesperados por expresar, crear y mostrar su trabajo al público. Crear se vuelve la principal prioridad y el dinero, muchas veces, ni siquiera se considera porque estamos perdidos en nuestros mundos de creación. El mundo es un oportunista, la gente se aprovechará de los artistas y estos harán gratis su trabajo."

- Vinay Pateel for Cultura Colectiva


Artists are poor because we accept it. Artists are desperate to express, create and show their work to the public. Creating becomes the top priority and money, many times, is not even considered because we are lost in our creation worlds. The world is an opportunist, people will take advantage of the artists and they will make their work free.