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Landscape Architecture 
Landscape Architecture major is originated from "green city and residential  afforest areas major",which is established in 1958. The Landscape Research Group was established in 1980, and it recruited students in the country. It is one of the Landscape Architecture majors which were the earliest institutions of higher learning history, had the overall strength and had the social impact. It is a multi-level (undergraduate, master's, Dr) Education base for talents of garden.
Landscape majors adhere to the reform of education and teaching .We commit to major construction effectively. In 2002 undergraduate landscape were identified as building point in characteristics of Nanjing Forestry University, and in 2003 in Jiangsu Province Department of Education determined it to the building point in characteristics of undergraduate major in Jiangsu Province. In 2005 Jiangsu Education Office identified it as the characteristic major for undergraduate in Jiangsu Province. It was also identified as the first state-level building point at colleges and universities in characteristics of major in 2008.
We consist accurate positioning and distinct features for personnel training. People who have cross-knowledge of natural science, humanities and engineering are the training target for Landscape Architecture , mastering landscape design, landscape construction and management, garden planting and application and having a sense of innovation.
The main research directions of Landscape Architecture: (1) city's ecological environment planning and theory: It focuses on urban ecosystems and ecological planning; scenic areas, nature reserves planning theory; scenic resources monitoring, environmental evaluation and the application of garden 3S technology. (2) Landscape planning design and theory: It focuses on the law of interaction between urban green space and the urban environment, dedicates to urban green space planning, landscape architecture, engineering theory and practice, as well as garden plants cultivation and management and the use of garden plants resources. (3) Garden plants and ornamental horticulture.
Landscape Architecture focuses on teaching quality and innovation of educational model. In the past five years we took one of the second prizes in outstanding teaching outcome at the national level, two of the first prizes in outstanding teaching outcome in Jiangsu Province, one of the teams of excellent teaching in Jiangsu Province, one of  national quality courses, three of quality courses in Jiangsu Province, and eight awards in the preparation of materials. "the series of teaching materials about garden " prepared by teachers took the second prize in" the seventh outstanding academic materials of East China University publishing company".

City Planning 
City Planning of Urban Planning and Design Department is based on Architecture and Landscape, which is to meet the needs of the modernization of socialism, with comprehensive development in moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic. The talents should be able to adapt to work in urban planning and design, urban planning, real estate development and other departments for urban planning, design, management, urban road planning, urban municipal project planning, urban ecological planning, scenic spots planning, and take part in social and economic development, regional planning studies, real estate development and related policies and regulations with a good professional attainment and quality, a strong competence of organization and coordination as well.
Core courses of City Planning for undergraduate include: master urban design and planning, detailed planning of urban design, urban and regional system planning, building design, urban roads and traffic planning, landscape architecture planning and design, scenic spots planning, urban ecology and environmental protection, urban municipal project planning and so on. It emphasize practice ,colligation and integration in city planning and set adequate practice taches such as color practice, urban design practice, master urban planning practice, integrated urban planning practice, social survey and graduation design.

Department of Architectural Design in Landscape

A. Major

Architectural Design (professional code: 080708W)and landscape engineering direction. It belongs to the engineering/architecture and the degree awarded to engineering classes. The limit of studying at school is 4 years. Face national recruitment of students.

Main research direction:

The landscape architectural design specialized is mainly engaged in the landscape construction, the landscape project and the landscape design history, the fundamental research at present. Including:

(1)  Landscape architectural design and fundamental research direction. Studies general theory, the method, the appliance, the history as well as the development direction of the landscape architectural design. This discipline is an emerging discipline and the design domain multi-disciplinary overlapping co-prosperity has become an inevitable trend. The landscape architecture which takes constructs, the botanical garden, the plan as the research theory support, explores many subjects in the field of design.

(2)  The landscape engineering research direction.  This direction devotes for a long time to the questions on the green way to solute landscape project .

Focus on:

1) Road construction project landscape and ecological protection technology.

(2) Landscape ecological protection projects, ecological drainage, rain water retention and irrigation techniques.

(3)Water features and landscape lighting engineering and technology based on energy saving and environmental protection.

(4), Zhang Yuan, “the even ban hillock” hill-stack technology and its innovative applications.。

B. The teaching plan

(A) the training objectives

1) Master the solid LA specialized foundation and the high esthetics training, grasps the landscape construction and the engineering design of the basic principle, the method, the skill, has the strong space power of thought that the language competence and actual beginning ability.

2) Grasp all types of landscape architecture, public space outside the building and environmental design theory of knowledge and the basic principles of design methods, to learn principles of urban planning, landscape planning, landscape plants, such as the basic theory and basic knowledge, an independent urban landscape, Garden, landscape architecture design, performance and effectiveness of computer-aided design capabilities.

3) The good ability to do landscape project plan and construction drawing design. Have strong specialized engineering project synthesis coordinated and the organization managed capacity and the related specialized laws and regulations and the legal knowledge.

4) Have the good specialized training and the specialized quality, understood the Chinese and foreign landscape construction law of development, the theory tendency, know person's environment behavior psychology principle.

(B)Service raise request

Take LA as a foundation, train the student to be engaged in the landscape engineering design, the landscape architectural design as well as the botanical garden project management work with emphasis, and has landscape planning and design, space planning and design, related management and research capabilities.

(c) The knowledge and ability of the graduates

1. Have a solid mathematics, foreign languages, computers, knowledge of Humanities and Social Sciences; Familiar with the town planning, green space system standards, land use, environmental protection and urban construction.

2. Have a solid theoretical foundation for professional and reasonable knowledge structure, grasping landscape planning and design theory, history and theory of landscape, landscape engineering, architecture, botany, trees and gardens, art design school subjects such as professional knowledge and practical skills; understanding of Chinese and foreign Landscape design and management of the development of the law, cutting-edge theory and dynamic master's act of environmental psychology principles.

3. Grasp the general construction drawing technique and the landscape engineering design performance technique, can the application art principle carry on the art layout to each kind of landscape. Have the basic capability to design each kind of landscape using the art principle.

4. Grasp each kind of landscape engineering design and the management theoretical knowledge and the design basic principle method skilled. Have the urban landscape, the botanical garden, landscape project designed capacity, effect performance ability and computer-aided design application ability independently.

5. Have the synthesis ability structure, including the professional ability, the power of thought that exchange ability, the organizing faculty, studies independently ability, adaptability and innovation ability.

6. Grasp the literature search, the material inquiry essential method; understand the landscape at home and abroad project development and management of dynamics; Master a foreign language and have basic communication skills.

(D)Main subjects

Municipal engineering,


Urban planning design .

 Close specialty:

 Landscape architecture specialty,

Scenery botanical garden specialty.

(E)Main course

Main course: The surveying, the sketch, the plant make the scenery, architectural engineering CAD, the construction charting, the landscape architectural design to be preliminary, landscape architectural design, landscape construction structure, ecologically-safe building and project, historic garden design, Chinese and foreign botanical garden history, scenery botanical garden theory, park plan design, landscape engineering design (1): The landscape project is preliminary, landscape engineering design (2): Detailing, landscape engineering design (3): Water scene project, landscape engineering design (4): Light and lighting set-up, landscape engineering design (5): City public space design, landscape project construction and project management.

(F), the school system and grant degrees: Four years, labor bachelor

(G), curriculum system's constitution and school grades, study period proportion:


Nature of the course


School grades

Study period

The proportion of the total credits

Theory classes

Required course

Public required course


828(With English Training 64)


specialized fundamental course




professional course




Elective course

Public elective course




Specialized foundation elective course




specialized elective course




Required course and elective course proportion

Required course 70.0%  elective course 30.0%





Nature of the course


School grades

Week (study period)

The proportion of the total credits


Experimental Courses


64 study period

2.2%(With English Training)

Centralism practice


41 week


Extra-curricular teaching


68 study period


Quality development and innovation school grades