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 Department of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture own a complex subjects based on a Department of ecology, botany, architecture and aesthetics.Architecture is a perfect combination of science and art.The department of landscape roots from  " Green Cities and Residential Areas,," professional in 1956 It is the first institutions of higher learning in university history,having strong strength and wide rang of impact in the social  Chen zhi, is a great gardening master and the founder of modern landscape design in China. He contributed greatly to Chinese morden landscape design,and he had a tremendous contribution to the development of a landscape program in Nanjing Foresty University. After 80 years of striving, the garden is now a professional speciality with undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels, significant teaching and scientific research in a broad influence on the domestic professional.
Landscape Architecture Department own professional teachers. The existing staff are more than 20 people, including 10 senior titles, full-time teachers in 35% of teachers with a doctoral degree, 95% of teachers have master's degree; Teachers graduate from  the University of Toronto in Canada, Japan Kyushu University, Southeast University, Beijing Forestry University, and other domestic and Outside well-known colleges  and universities. Teachers with a wide range of educational background, and knowledge-based hybrid system has injected vitality.in the Landscape Architecture profession of teaching, research and academic exchanges.Most of the teachers have good name on teaching in colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, good educationer in Jing su Province, engineering 333 academic leaders, academic leaders and blue engineering academic title of the backbone.
Landscape Architecture Department is committed to teaching, research and social services., It has published textbooks and monographs more than 40 in recent years, and published articles more than 200 papers, Taking on more than 20 provincial-level research projects, complete the garden planning and designing more than 100 projects both within and outside of the country, .It hosts and participates in a large number of international and domestic academic conferences.
Department of Landscape Architecture focus on teaching quality and innovative educational model. In the past five yearsIt has been outstanding teaching at the national level the outcome of a second prize, , the two outcome of outstanding teaching award for the first prize in Jiangsu Province, a team of excellent teaching in Jiangsu Province, a national quality courses, three quality courses in Jiangsu Province, The preparation of the materials gain eight award-winnings, of those teacher preparation of the "family of professional teaching garden" was the "East China University of the seventh outstanding academic materials and the second prize."

 Head of the Department of Landscape Architecture: Ding yan fen
 Department of Landscape Architecture branch secretary: Tian ru nan.
 Deputy Director of the Department of Landscape Architecture:, Yan Jun, Tian ru nan, LI Xiao-ying
 Department of Landscape Architecture teachers: Wang Hao, Chen Rong, Ding yan fen, Gao qiang, Gengxing Min, Hu Fengrong, LI Xiao-ying, Liu Yuan, Lu Jianguo, Su tong xiang ,Sun Xinwang, Tian ru nan, Wang Hui, Wang Fei Bin, Wang Yan-yan, Yan Jun, Yang Rui, Yang Xiulian, Yang Yi-hong, Yang Yun-feng, Zhang Ge Xiang, Zhao Yan, Zhu Zun Ling.